2 Things About Content Marketing

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2 Things About Content Marketing

One thing about content marketing is that while everyone is talking about, few people are doing it well.

Great quote from GapingVoid about it, "You have to love them every day, even if they don't buy from you every day." Give Value every day. Show that it isn't just about the contract and invoice.

As Seth Godin reminds businesses, media has changed; now everyone is a media company. Hence, the old marketing is not working so well any more. Mass marketing is getting harder. You have to advertise in a lot of places (which is why we are bombarded with ads that we are training ourselves to ignore.)

Marketing is reduced to telling stories.

When it is extremely hard to find good salespeople who can sell your stuff... When it is an after-thought for you to tell the world why you are different... When buying clicks is too expensive but you want inbound traffic for leads... Then you need content marketing.

There is a concept called salience, which means that you have to stay in front of your prospect until the sales trigger event of when they need to buy and you are top of mind. To do that requires bring value to your audience, your market, your prospects every week. One way to do that is content marketing. (If you think about Drip Marketing is content marketing, so is blogging and email marketing.)

Some bloggers do it very well. Gapingvoid does it really well. Jeffrey Gitomer used to do it very well. In telecom, there is very little good marketing.

Despite Verizon yelling at the channel partners to market themselves, except for VZW and FiOS, VZ is a crappy marketing org. Marketing is more than just ads and content. They get a plus for positioning their broadband and cell services, but not much else. AT&T just says Buy from Ma Bell, now with a young, attractive actress portraying a nicer, friendlier ILEC.

My speaking partner, MojoMarketing, does it pretty good. So does a former client, master agency TBI. There blog in the last few months has been good examples of what content marketing should look like.

Hugh is right: It is harder than it looks.

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