A Grateful Holiday Break

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A Grateful Holiday Break

Heading home to visit friends and parents. It is a good time to stop to write what I am grateful for.

I am grateful that I live in America. I am grateful for the military and veterans who have sacrificed for my freedom.


I am thankful for freedom of the press that allows me to write what I want without criminal consequence. I am also appreciative for TMC for the platform - both print and online - to print out my thoughts, observations and opinions.

I am grateful for my readers. There is Satisfaction in writing and finding out how much it resonates with others in the industry.

I am thankful for my friends and family. It is those folks that keep me sane and grounded.

I am appreciative for my business partners - Larry Lisser and Microcorp and others.

My gratitude extends to my many clients, most who have been with me since the beginning. It has been a fun ride these 15 years. It started with Tom Steele pulling me into his fledgling BellSouth agency, Infomation Engineering, Inc. and my wife at the time encouraging me to take the leap. If not, I would not be here now.

In all the turmoil in education today, I had a fun run through many schools, teachers, systems, professors and peers who pushed me and taught me and even slapped me into a shape that enjoyed learning, reading, writing, analyzing, problem solving. Yeah, I didn't get the PhD in Chemistry that a few professors wanted me to get, but I am happy where I am today.

It is on this Thanksgiving that I am grateful for a rich life. I hope you are too.

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