2 Items About Open Internet

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2 Items About Open Internet

Like Global Warming is a lousy label for Climate Change, Net Neutrality is a lousy label for Open Internet. But then Open Internet is not so great either. However, the reality remains that the general public -- and denizens of the telecom industry -- glaze over when anyone talks politics -- even if it means a danger to their own job! Sad really, which is why I have shied away from talking politics for months. But today I just want to point out a couple of good reads on the subject of Open Internet.

The first is the M Lab ISP Interconnection and its Impact on Consumer Internet Performance study. It was presented in Europe (slides). Inter-connection between consumer ISPs - or as I call them, the Duopoly, that is composed of VZ, ATT, Comcast, the rest of the MSOs and the ILECs - and to the Big 7 or Big 13 Tier 1 Internet backbones is crucial for consumer satisfaction, the economy and the Internet to work.

Why is this important? There's no competition in the last mile space for much of America.

Our economy depends on an open and fair Internet. How does the next Google come about with paid prioritization? Or how does the next Netflix compete with Comcast and FiOS degrading traffic?

Data Foundry and Golden Frog submitted an ex parte filing to the FCC about the lack of competition. As NECA writes, they went on about "the so-called hybrid approach, Internet users' freedom to choose services and applications unfettered by Internet access provider interference, and access provider invasions of users' privacy." It is a good read.

As a denizen of the Internet, have you submitted your comments to the FCC yet?


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