A Clean Sheet of Paper

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A Clean Sheet of Paper


The new year is like a clean sheet of paper. The above Calvin & Hobbes cartoon talks about how a blanket of snow makes everything new again. January 2nd is like that as well. (No idea why you have to wait for that date to start something or change something. You could start now!)

On this blank sheet of paper, what will you write or draw?


Goals for the new year? I say Goals, not Resolutions. Big difference. Goals, like coffee, are for closers. Resolutions are for quitters. (See gym around Feb 15).


Ways to get more business in 2015. Call your Top Customers. Meet them for coffee, lunch or breakfast. Listen to what they use technology for. Find out why they buy from you. Ask for a testimonial (video, audio, or written).

I have often been told that there aren't enough businesses in a locale to build a business on. I have often preached about verticals and niches. In either case, you aren't locked into just one locale, vertical or niche. And Seth Godin wrote yesterday, "You might not need a bigger niche. You might only need to produce more value for those you already serve."

Value. It isn't what YOU think it is; it's what THEY think it is. It should always be about them. Sales at its core is about being helpful. Want more sales? Be more helpful. Go make some friends.


Stop Being Mediocre. The bar is slow low in customer service that it doesn't take much to make a splash. Word of Mouth is the best advertising. You know how to increase WOM? Be Remarkable -- do something worth remarking about.

Again Seth Godin, "The thing is, your competition might actually act like the thing that they're doing is their only job. They might believe that in fact, treating this customer as if she's the only person in the world is worth it. That fixing that squeaky door, addressing that two-year old bug in the software, or taking one extra moment to look someone in the eye and talking to her with respect is worth it."

Use the phone more (email and text less - I need to do this too). Follow up 2/2/2 with any support ticket - in 2 hours, in 2 days, in 2 weeks. Send a thank you note - hand written.


Business owners tell me that the difference is their people. If that were true, what are you doing to attract the best talent, retain the current talent - and grow the current talent?

Develop your people! Training in sales, leadership, management, technical skills, communication. Start a library of personal development books and tapes in order for everyone to take advantage.

When was the last time you did a team building exercise? Or a charity event that all can get involved in - like feeding the hungry, painting houses for the elderly, or other stuff that takes about 4-8 hours per year but gives so much more.

"If you work your heart out to help people grow, they'll work their hearts out to give customers a great experience." - Tom Peters


Write down what you are doing for marketing. How does word get out? How up-to-date is your website? Yeah, your website - probably your most valuable online asset and most neglected.

Take that white sheet of paper and draw a picture of what you want 2015 to look like. Pick one of these 5 and get started.

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