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About Email Marketing

Mojo Marketing is blogging the 12 Days of Telecom Marketing! I was the guest blogger for Day 5 about Email Marketing.

In summary, when people see your email they shouldn't say, "What?! Another one from this guy!" They should say, "Oh, I wonder what he has to say."

All too often when speaking with companies who primarily interact with their customers via email, there really isn't a concern about the fact that the list IS the asset. Most just feel: hey, no one is complaining. It seems to be working. And associated thinking that pre-dates the age of marketing metrics that we live in.

For BarCamp Tampa Bay, we send out about 3 emails per year about the event. Out of a list of a thousand, I always get at least one unsubscribe request immediately - for an email about a once a year event that they attended. It is about time and attention.

If you understand that it is about time and attention, it switches some thinking. If you value the email list as a business asset, it changes your view. If you realize that your brand is attached to how you treat that email address....

I guess email is like twitter -- it is a tool some use for broadcast and some use for engagement. So do you want to engage your list or just puke on them?

With mailing services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact and the like, you have a good window into the metrics of the email campaign. They allow for open and bounce rates, click through, A/B testing, spam filter testing and more.

With more people opening email on smartphones, make sure that you take that into account when designing an HTML email. The other factors - Headline, sender name, call to action, and valuable content - are still vital to email marketing success. Just because the tools change doesn't mean we throw the basics out the window.

You have their permission to send them email - don't abuse it.

Good rule: would I read that? Even better: Would I send that email to a friend (or would they punch me in the face)?

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