Connection Contradiction

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Connection Contradiction

Comcast conducted a survey in 2012 and again in 2014 about business connectivity.

Today, 4% less think connectivity is tactical and 3% less think it is strategic, but 7% MORE think it is Essential. (Taking out statistical relevance of a 5 point error either way, which would mean that they think of it about the same way now.)

For the most part, business owners do not buy based on these service results. They buy largely on price.

Some business decision makers know the difference between broadband best effort service and dedicated internet access. (Some others couldn't be bothered to listen to the difference.) These folks understand dedicated bandwidth, service level agreements and how vital reliable bandwidth is to their daily business functions. Others have bought into the heavy marketing that 100Mb x 10Mb is better than a T1 and cheaper too. I don't think that they know how to quantify "better".

Sure, in some cases, a fat broadband pipe is going to work for a business, especially a business not utilizing real-time communications (on that pipe). If, however, that business wants to run real-time communications - like video conferencing or VoIP - or that business is heavily reliant on cloud services - like insurance companies and doctor's offices - then perhaps broadband is not the way to go. And the channel partner will need to be willing to explain the difference.

Statistically, I'm not certain that a 7 point change in one trait (Essential) in a year is a big deal, especially when the other traits - Tactical, Strategic and Transformational - all dropped 2 to 4 points. None of the above increased 2 points.

Maybe we have to do a better job of educating the prospect, but we have to do it against a tide of marketing that misinforms the customer about "best effort" and SLA.

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