It Starts With Strategy

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It Starts With Strategy

What we talked about today was tactics. How do I know? It's always tactics. It's always How do I quickly get customers. That is mainly tactical.

It really starts with Strategy, a game plan. People read Sun Tzu's Art of War to learn strategy. It isn't about the social network, the guerrilla marketing -- it is about the game plan.

What are we selling - at what price - in what bundle (package) ? That's first.

Then who are we selling it to? What is the target? Who is the ideal customer that will most benefit from this service?

On to messaging: What story do we tell to capture the attention of the target? Elevator Pitch, Value Proposition, USP, Mission Statement, tag line - messaging to the market.

What problem do you solve for the target? Stop talking technology here - and certainly stop saying I can save you money - and start talking about the benefits of your service. Tell a story of how a business transformed from your service.

How do we get in front of the target? Now this lends itself to tactics, but without knowing who you are targeting, how do you know where to look and what to do?

One of my speaking partners, Angela Leavitt of Mojo Marketing talks about marketing planning here.

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