Broadsoft Buys Leonid

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Broadsoft Buys Leonid

Oh, happy days for the folks at Leonid Systems as some of them are going home to the fold. Broadsoft bought Leonid, which means that internally that have admitted defeat in being able to make a portal that anyone would want to demo or use. At least, they were able to admit it.

The BSFT sales folks were already pushing Leonid - to the tune of $3 million in revenue per year, which will now be an inorganic blip on the revenue stream of BSFT.


User experience needs to get better in telecom. The more frictionless you make it for the user - and the less confusing - the better.

An improved portal will make demonstrating the ease of use of the system for self-service and reporting better.

It makes me wonder what happens to BSFT's other partner, ODIN by Park Bench. I guess, they will have to work harder on sales and really differentiate themselves from the Leonid/Broadsoft team up.

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