After 4 Million Comments, Open Internet Order Passes

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After 4 Million Comments, Open Internet Order Passes

There were 4 million public comments on the Open Internet / Net Neutrality docket (#14-28) at the FCC. Sure, most probably just said I hate Comcast/VZ/Frontier/AT&T/TWC/Cablevision but still, that is a showcase of taxpayers getting involved in an issue. Sure, one that most don't understand at all. Sure, they call it ObamaNet and condemn it because "It was Obama's plan to take over the Internet", but it is a 300 page order that has NOT been published yet. So no one knows the details!!!

Rob Powell agrees that lawsuits are coming and yet no one knows what passed yet.

From NECA: "The FCC issued a News Release on February 26, 2015, announcing it adopted a Report and Order on Remand, Declaratory Ruling, and Order at its February 26, 2015 Open Meeting that reclassifies broadband Internet access as a telecommunications service under Title II. The Commission said the new rules would apply to fixed and mobile broadband alike, and include bright line rules, such as no blocking, no throttling, and no paid prioritization, as well as give the FCC authority to address interconnection concerns. The Order forbears from enforcing 27 provisions of Title II and over 700 associated regulations that are not relevant to modern broadband service, including rate regulation and last-mile unbundling, and does not require broadband providers to contribute to the federal USF at this time. The FCC said it will enforce the Open Internet rules through formal and informal complaints. Order not yet released."

Apparently one Dem commissioner was going to balk and then didn't. Apparently Congress - especially GOP - was going to write a bill and didn't. Like a bill from Congress would be any better for consumers than this order? I think not.

Facebook is atwitter with opinion and links to articles that are just opinion -- like this one. I say come down. We only really know 2 things: taxes are coming and the rest will be settled by a court next year.

Oh, we know one more thing: Verizon and Comcast brought this on themselves. Messing with Netflix was the move that got this fast tracked. Both thought because they won in court before they were above it. If the masses can't be entertained - can't get their streaming content -- they may wake up, pay attention to all the bullsh!t going on in Dc and at the state level and on Wall Street - and revolt!

You can read the statements here at the NPRM.

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