Birch Buys Globalinx

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Birch Buys Globalinx

It seems that Birch is acquiring more customers. In a surprise move (to me because where are they getting the money for this???), Birch on 2/17/15 agreed to acquire "the assets and customers of Globalinx Enterprises Inc.", a Rochester, NY-based Broadsoft wholesaler.

According to a letter from the company, "The decision to sell Globalinx was difficult but typical of many consolidations in the telecom industry. Our competition in this business is with Companies that are behemoths; like AT&T, Century Link, Verizon, and Level 3. These companies in many cases are also our suppliers and competing with them has proven challenging. The telecom market is getting more and more competitive and needs large scale to effectively compete, so we felt the time was right to take this action." In other words, we quit! The Rochester Telecom Mafia is getting old and tired.


This makes a little sense because Birch has a Broadsoft from Cbeyond. It can add those customers to its platform to make running it a little more profitable --- which is how the management thinks.

I still say they get heartburn from the Cbeyond acquisition and file BK in the next 15 months.

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