My Cynical View

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My Cynical View

Often people call me cynical. I guess you can look at it that way. In my view, this industry has been through almost $2 Trillion dollars in investment money since 1996. What do we have to show for it?

Two trillion and there isn't fiber to every building. There aren't that many buildings with fiber into them. Copper and HFC, probably. Fiber notsomuch. And even when there is fiber into an MTU, how many customers do you think are with an alternative carrier (other than the Duopoly of cable and ILEC)? Very few. (I have looked at a couple lately with zero).

Branding. Woefully awful in our space. If these SPs were selling OTC drugs or ice cream, they couldn't even buy space on a store shelf! Is it any wonder that getting a channel partner's attention is so hard?

Yeah, I am cynical. Only because our industry could be doing so much better but always take the low road.

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