Spam Soap Going to J2 (with 7 Others)

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Spam Soap Going to J2 (with 7 Others)

Back in the ISPCON days, Spam Soap was a regular exhibitor. Spam Soap became Nuvotera, known as an email security services company and cloud services aggregator for MSPs. J2 Global via its Excel Micro business unit has acquired Nuvotera. This was just one of 8 acquisitions in one month for J2 Global.

It looks like Excel Micro will be taking over the FuseMail division of J2 as well. Excel Micro seems like a one stop mall for email services for MSPs. Lots of partners on this platform including Google Apps, Symantec, et al. I wonder how much of it was brought over from when Excel Micro acquired TestudaData and how much was their own build.

J2 also announced acquiring the assets of Email Direct. J2 made an offer for Carbonite -- which is really interesting. Just one more transaction in the cloud backup space, where J2 has already grabbed 2 companies (Arion IT Limited (Backup, Ireland) and Technology Partners LLC (Backup, CT in USA). I guess hitting almost $600 million in revenue and a market cap of $2.9 billion will make you buy things.

It hasn't given up on the efax business either as J2 acquired Firstway Digital Limited, the Dublin, Ireland based distributor of FaxBox digital fax services.

Lest anyone forget J2 owns Ziff-Davis as well.

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