The New Broadband Definition

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The New Broadband Definition

We know that Obama and the Comcast CEO are golfing buddies, but I didn't see it coming that in one fell swoop cable would become the sole broadband provider for America. The FCC adopted a new definition of broadband at its January meeting, raising benchmark speeds to 25 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload, from the current 4 Mbps/1 Mbps standard. Effectively DSL is no longer broadband.

This will mean less CAF and USF monies to telcos, since they don't offer broadband any longer. OUCH!

Does this also mean that we don't have to pay USF on DSL?

Does Nigeria now have more broadband access than the US?

This will likely speed up the rate at which the RBOCs - AT&T and Verizon - sell off copper lines.

This wasn't done in a bubble. Connected homes use more bandwidth as the report suggests. Innovations at CES and 4K TV that Netflix will be sptreaming soon require 25 Mbps. The telcos have not done a very good job of keeping pace with the broadband needs of America. This is why that Obama at the SOTU mentioned muni networks. If telcos won't upgrade, get out of the way of progress you bloated monopolies!!!

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