Is Size Important?

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Is Size Important?

There is a belief that you need as many partners as you can get. That seems like an expensive idea. When you factor in that channel managers will max out their day with busy work - quoting, educating, recruiting, paperwork - but it won't result in more sales (just more work).

As it stands now, better channel managers already grade their partners and prioritize work according to that grade. In other words, you help A partners before B before C. Unless the size of the deal, changes that line-up.

Pareto doesn't come close to the 95/5 ratio that most channel managers will agree to. So why have even 50% of that 95% of unproductive partners?

Because it looks good.

Because we are measuring the wrong metric.

Because we don't want to lose a lead.

Most channel programs are simple 20-40 true, producing partners - and you are all set. A channel manager can make a great run with just 5 partners.

But we often chase the wrong metric.

It isn't how many sign up. It's how many align their business with yours.

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