News Tidbits Part 2917

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News Tidbits Part 2917

Windstream's telecommunications network assets were spun off into a REIT named Communications Sales and Leasing, Inc. that is trading on Nasdaq as symbol CSAL today.

Comcast removed itself from the $45B acquisition of TWC. Both the DOJ and the FCC were opposed to it. Comcast is facing other issues, like cord-cutting and the demise of the pay-cable-TV model that it was built on.

In fact, Verizon announced new TV channel bundles -- and ABC/ESPN/Disney quickly sued them. While most Americans hate their cable bill what they fail to grasp is that content is not free -- and it is owned by just 6 conglomerates - Comcast/NBCU, FOX/Newscorp, CBS/Viacom, TW, Disney and Sony. These conglomerates are always at odds with the TV distributors - DISH, DirecTV, the cablecos and now the telcos.

I find it striking that DISH Network was able to do Sling TV, a TV channel bundle that rides over the top - without any litigation.

Cablevision announced new plans for the cord-cutters and cord-never-haves: just get a big pipe and OTT and an over-the-air antenna! There is a tie-in to its wi-fi only cellphone plan. This is a very consumer-centric plan.

Two fiber players are merging: Lightower Fiber Networks and Fibertech Networks. "The agreement is an all-cash transaction valued at $1.9 billion, which will be funded through a combination of equity and debt" from Lightower's existing financial backers, Berkshire Partners, Pamlico Capital and ABRY Partner.

Two other players got together to make a regional network: Arkansas-based Ritter Communications and Missouri-based Fidelity Communications. "The new regional fiber network comes from and will support broadband connections between 10 Mbps and 100 Gbps. The network will link Dallas and Memphis, serving rural communities in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. The Ritter-Fidelity network has direct connections to major network operator hubs including the Telx facility and the InfoMart data center in Dallas, and the Level 3 data center in Memphis." [source]

CenturyLink makes a strategic partnership in Australia to target financial firms with managed IT. It looks like with XO, Level3 and AT&T growing in LATAM that C-Link had to go Down Under. Where will Comcast go to grow?

CenturyLink also bought database-as-a-service company, Orchestrate.

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