Different Ways to Skin a Cat

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Different Ways to Skin a Cat

Most companies in the telecom sector just copy what other companies do. Before 2003 though, ISPs were primarily small businesses providing dial-up and then DSL to mainly residential markets in the US. Post 2003, it became a game for the Duopoly, with the smaler providers in the shadow just reselling what was offered.

Step into 2015 and FTTX is huge. Yes Comcast has Gigabit2, CenturyLink is rolling out Gigabit along with AT&T, TWC and others. Yet the majority of FTTH projects are not from the top ISPs. They are from the smaller, more nimble providers in communities.

On the product side, it hasn't been the Big Boys (Top 10 ISPs). [BTW, here is an interesting map of the ISPs by state majority.]

The Big Boys are working on ways to compete with Netflix and Sling TV, especially Ma Bell. AT&T is really trying to design a bundle that will appeal to a large swath of the market by trying Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO and now a wireless receiver. Frontier is rolling out a Tivo that can DVR streaming content. Showtime is bundling with Hulu now too for additional OTT options for cable cutters. Nothing wrong with testing out different options and avenues.

In a twist, start-up firm Insensi is debuting the ILY Family Phone to re-invent the home phone for the elderly and children. It is eight-inch touchscreen device without a browser for video and voice calls and some messaging among family.

One of the most creative ILECs is Frontier. Yeah, I know, I am surprised and sad at the same time. Frontier just announced a bundle with Nest. They are going Google and Home Automation, which is where AT&T, Bright House and others in the Duopoly see the quad play going. Own the Home.

I remember when Powell was FCC Chair -- oh, those dark days - it was all about the converged living room. Years later, with the help of manufacturers, your TV with Xbox can watch you!!! Now that is converged.

There are lots of ways to skin the cat to provide a valuable bundle to your customers. Copying what others are doing isn't likely to get you to stand out. Be inventive. It's okay to fail. Just learn and try again and again.

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