What Do These Deals Mean?

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What Do These Deals Mean?

Vendor channel execs understand that partners will put a bundle of best of breed services together for their clients from various vendors. It is the ultimate in solution selling. However, with the need for integration mixed with consumerized software, some vendors are stepping into the mix with bundling via partnerships.

We saw Netwolves do it earlier this year with IBM and Palo Alto Networks. IBM just announced a deal with Box. Many CLECs white label managed services and cloud services. MozyPro and SilverSky are probably two of the more popular CLEC vendors.

What does this mean for the channel? Bundles are easier to sell. More value. And partners don't have to worry about integration. (Not every partner has the skills for software integration.)

On the flip side, it means more partners have to embrace Solution Selling. These bundles don't really replace anything. These services are about adding productivity, security, efficiency and, yeah I'll say it one more time, integration into the business. These types of solutions can be about BPI - business process improvement. Selling BPI requires discovery. That's Solution Selling. Tying business outcomes to technology.

We will be seeing more of these partnerships as consumerized apps like Box make a move up-market. And they will be taking the channel with them.

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