CMO Council Study on Content Marketing

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CMO Council Study on Content Marketing

The CMO Council study (along with affiliate, Content ROI Center) produced an infographic called "Lead Flow That Helps You Grow" focused on demand generation strategy. It is based on a report that examines "the struggle companies are having in producing quality lead flow that can advance sales performance. The study was conducted from North America-based research. It features perspectives from both qualitative interviews with marketing leaders at Informatica, Thermo Fisher Scientific, OpenText, CA Technologies and IBM, and key findings from a survey of marketing leaders across many industry sectors."

You can view the infographic here.

Good content is showing up more and more as the way to generate leads. Due to Google re-configuring their algorithm a couple of times, the way to search results is with consistent, on target content.

The study maintains that sales does not help with content. That is marketing's job. The age old battle.

Even marketers admit that they can't really target well - see this. That is kind of ironic and at the same time admitting that companies don't spend enough time talking with customers and prospects. That would reveal a customer profile, some buyer behavior and other factors that could be used to create relevant content.

With all the analytics in online marketing, you would think we have a better idea, but actually the analytics are new; hardly anyone knows how to read them; and there is the question of Are we looking at the right metrics?

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