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While search slideshare (now LinkedIn slideshare), I saw this slide, which sums up customer expectations as well as a conversation I saw having with Pete Davis of Panterra.

BYOD is not just an IT PITA ([email protected]); it is about the user choosing. That is what Netflix is - user choice (including binge watching). That is what Consumerization of IT is.

Napster was about user choice, not piracy. Most of the mp3 downloaded were not available as mp3 commercially.

Want to be successful? Be Experience-Centric. Be User-Choice-Friendly.

In Hosted UC, some customers want OTT to save money. Some want UC delivered via a secure private circuit (today usually delivered via MPLS to enterprise and mid-market). Some will want both (hybrid). Some will want desk phones; some will not.

Some folks are looking for secure IM/chat/messaging. Some are using Slack. Othersare using Lync with Office365. How are you integrating those choices?

Be flexible or lose business.

Last thought about Experience-Centric. This means the deployment and training and support has to enhance the user experience. Think it through. Get feedback. Improve.

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