News Tidbits Part 2920

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News Tidbits Part 2920

Alan Percy at Dialogic has a nice write up of our panel about Open Source for service providers from ITEXPO. The panel discussion with Dialogic, XO and Netsapiens was so good that I am sorry it was not recorded. Read it here and at the end of the post sign up for the study data.

Fiber to the Tower is still driving growth for RLECs. Fairpoint is even seeing a need to start a construction division.

EarthLink jumped into the SDN game with the launch of its "Application Performance Optimization, a family of software defined WAN services designed to provide businesses with real-time analytics and visibility into how applications use bandwidth." [telecomreseller]

FireEye is teaming up with VISA to provide threat analysis for businesses. "Visa and FireEye, the leaders in payment security and cyber security intelligence, present a new way for your organization to identify and respond to cyber attacks with the Visa Threat Intelligence portal, powered by FireEye. This powerful solution helps prioritize what threats you should act upon, why you should act and gives you actionable tools to address them."

IntelePeer Acquires Advantone. Now Intelepeer's enterprise SIP trunking customers can bundle cloud contact center. SIP trunking and cloud contact center??? Okay.

Talk about being late to the game: "Windstream's Kinetic TV service will compete in Lexington against Time Warner Cable." So WIND finally rolls out telco TV at a time when cable cord cutting is increasing. And right after VZ, DISH, Boingo and Xfinity launch OTT video services. No wonder you have to offer a 9% dividend. released its cloud-based phone system for Microsoft Office 365 users now. is now on both ecosystems - MS and GOOG. Should be interesting to see the traction because on the OFF365 side, there are a number of players in the confusion that is Skype for Business/Lync/OFF365. It is challenging. On the Google side, there are only a handful like VZ VCE and Vonage Biz with gUnify. How will they message what they offer to the OFF365 crowd amid the noise that those users are experiencing??

Now your home phone, cell phone and tablet can all share the same phone number via AT&T's NumberSync.

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