Re-Thinking Noise

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Re-Thinking Noise

Robert Scoble, Rackspace futurist, has a newsletter. The latest one talks about the "Notification Summit at Betaworks' offices in New York." We live in a world of mainly 2 ecosystems - Google and Apple. (Microsoft dropped out when it lost the mobile battle.)

Betaworks VC, John Borthwick, wrote up his thoughts here on Medium.

Steve Gillmor posted his here.

Scoble writes, "What I learned at the summit is that we're witnessing the move away from apps and towards streams of interactive user interface elements that stream down our screens."

Today I was reading how apps, Facebook and others were actually tying up the free web and putting everything into containers. If you look at the mobile experience of most apps - Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter - the mobile app experience is inferior to the browser based experience - especially on LinkedIN (which must be made for rubles by people who never ever logon it - ever!)

Mainly we are trying to tackle NOISE. Notifications are noisier now than email ever was. Scoble points out that we need context. I think that we haven't mastered context in email yet, so what he wishes for is a long way off.

The default setting for Noise is always ON. Twitter just did an update that turned on notifications. I had them all off on my devices.

"Some will go as far as leaving all social channels except for email, to try and escape the demands of engagement. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, for instance, recently closed down his Facebook account because he was overloaded after his Dreamforce event," Scoble writes.

There are numerous articles about creativity and peace being destroyed by our crack-like addiction to social media. Envy and FOMO are big topics. (Bullying is another.)

Relentless noise.

It's no wonder most companies suck at marketing - it is just added noise.

What happens when the notifications on your phone take over your day? How will any work get done? We live in a world that prides itself on being busy. Busy doesn't mean getting anything significant done.

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