A Little Channel Conflict

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A Little Channel Conflict

I know this happens but I have never seen it in print. Channel Conflict is a big issue. It is basically the conflict between the direct sales team and the indirect sales team. This conflict is so bad that some programs allow for teaming - that is when the channel partner works with a direct salesperson of the carrier and they both get credit/compensated for a sale.

Well, I have a client that has a 100MB pipe from ACC Business, a division of AT&T. The client was under contract with 13 months left on the contract. The client wanted to upgrade to 250MB. ACC Business came back with an excellent price on the the service but with a $50K construction fee for Gigabit fiber. The client balked.

I escalated the issue at ACC Biz. I looked at other fiber providers near my client.

Two months later, an AT&T direct rep knocks on the client's door and says buy from me and I will waive the construction costs. The client signs. The fiber gets installed. The service turns up. No construction costs.

Channel Conflict.

And people wonder why I pick on Ma and Pa Bell - AT&T and Verizon.

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