News Tidbits Part 2923

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News Tidbits Part 2923

A lot of lit tidbits popping up. If you follow me on twitter, then you may have seen some of this already.


Cyber Monday crashed, but Tom Peters' fans crashed dropbox. Tom Peters put out an email to subscribers this morning with links to 14 chapters of Tom's top topics including Excellence, Execution and more. The chapters were links on dropbox. But it couldn't handle the volume so it shut off the account.

Happy Birthday to Microsoft Windows - now 30 years old! MS released Power Apps, which is their next billion dollar business line. BI has a view of it.

Analyst: Verizon and AT&T making $17/subscriber per month in 2015, while T-Mobile and Sprint are losing $0.39 <- headline says it all. [fierce]

Good read: Reality Check: The state of wireline through the CenturyLink lens. "As many economics majors know, being a 42% (Verizon FiOS Internet share; video is lower at 36%) participant in a duopolistic structure might be the best mix that they can achieve in their FiOS regions." As cable enters the cellular race, there will be revenue pressure on Ma & Pa Bell as cable starts chipping away at the former RBOCs last monopoly position. Comcast entering Enterprise doesn't help VZ either. Rumor had it they were looking to sell former MCI aka VZB, which turns out only to be a banker's wet dream.

2 biggest problems for RLECs and ILECs: New revenues are not growing (in absolute terms) as fast as legacy revenues are declining and their cost structures are not dropping as fast as legacy revenues - [from RCR]

Another billion dollar CLEC is pivoting: Granite. As the FCC decides if unbundling of voice network elements will continue, companies like Bullseye, Granite and Birch have to shift revenue to non-POTS. Birch made a deal to have access to 80,000 fiber lit buildings. (That means that most CLECs have access to those same 80K fiber lit buildings btw - either through commercial agreement or an aggregator like GTT.)

Granite has launched GRID, which is for malls and shopping centers. MPLS drop to the mall connects to Granite installed fiber channel and cat6 to provide voice, data and fat pipe (Internet) to the tenants of the mall or shopping center. It is targeted at the mall management company. Chasing Verticals is smart.

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