Cloud Comms On the Rise

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Cloud Comms On the Rise

Cloud based unified communications to increase by 466% in 2016 [source]

Share of cloud in unified communications to rise from 6% in 2015, to 28% in 2016 [source]

Interesting the news the rise in cloud communications. Actually the shocking part is how little penetration cloud comms has now- 6%!!!

PBX box sales have slowed, but that didn't translate into more cloud UCaaS sales. I would imagine that a lot of the VoIP revenue is SIP trunks. That is what cable sells for voice. Many Hosted VoIP players are just selling cheap dial-tone replacement or key system emulation. Would you classify any of that as UC? Unlikely.

As the predictions go, the drivers are mobile (as always) and collaboration. If that is true, then to sell UC as voice is the wrong approach. UCaaS should be introduced as a comms and collab Platform for the business. A platform allowing for employees to communicate and collaborate with each other and customers.

How people communicate is changing. How people work is changing. How people buy is changing. So how we sell has to change too.

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