Host.Net CEO Retires

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Host.Net CEO Retires

I remember back when it was BroadbandOne, founded in 1996 and mainly sold bandwidth nationally. Then the company bought WV Fiber. Then it became Host.Net with a pretty impressive data center in Boca Raton, Florida. A lot has happened - and now CEO Jeffrey Davis is retiring. has acquired assets from a number of companies along the way. According to PeeringDB, consists of assets from WV Fiber, WebUnited, Expedient Florida, Netrox, Continental Broadband Florida, and Yipes! Florida.

Almost 3 years ago (1/2013), Davis and Novacap, a Canadian private equity firm, acquired Host.Net from the parent company, BroadbandOne and the co-founder, Randy Epstein. In October, "Novacap has purchased the remaining interest in Inc from a group of shareholders led by Jeffrey Davis, the company's co-founder and CEO, according to the press release.

Davis is now running Gourmet Garden Cafe & Juices in Ft. Lauderdale as well as CEO of Sanctuary Medical Center in Boca. Sometimes you can escape telecom.

"The BroadbandONE backbone consists of the former WV Fiber network assets which were combined with the national backbone. operates as the enterprise and governmental arm of the company, providing colocation, cloud computing, storage, last mile, VoIP and disaster recovery services." [LinkedIn]

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