Some M&A

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Some M&A

ThinkingPhones has re-branded as Fuze, a video conferencing company it bought recently. Apparently they are running away from the idea of phones.

Muni merger in Virginia: "Duffield, Virginia-based Sunset Digital Communications announced last week that it will purchase the OptiNet Division of Bristol Virginia Utilities Authority, which operates a broadband network in Bristol, Virginia."

GTT made another acquisition; this time it picks off Telnes Broadband for just $18M. "For 2015, Telnes reported revenue of approximately $17 million and Adjusted EBITDA of approximately $1 million." This will beef up GTT's channel a little.

Broadsoft is buying Transera to beef up its contact center offering. I didn't dig through the filings to find the figures yet. I would assume this will be only offered via wholesale - as in via the BroadCloud system. All too many items are being offered only via BroadCloud instead of as part of the BroadWorks platform that service providers run themselves. (Although most SPs are behind at least 3 versions!)

I mentioned this before: Cisco buys Jasper Tech for $1.4 billion, because Jasper's IoT cards are inside GM cars, vending machines and car charging stations.

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