VoIP Tidbits (Part 2430)

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VoIP Tidbits (Part 2430)

ANPI announced that it was launching a residential package. That will be hard to do on a Broadsoft platform, because the licensing is deemed too expensive. One telecom exec mentioned that ANPI was following the Vonage model. I disagree. I think that many of the 100 partners that ANPI signed up to resell its white-label service have more resi customer than business.

ANPI's model is more like Momentum (pre-acquisition of Alteva) but in reverse, because Momentum was delivering white-label VoIP to tier 2 and tier 3 cable companies. With the TDM transition, there has to be RLECs and cablecos who are unprepared to deliver VoIP - or at least ANPI is hoping so.

Fonality put out a press release that says it is valued at $45M. The exact wording I received from the 11-year old company was as follows: "The $45 million business phone system provider continues to see its growth accelerating into 2016 and beyond." If you take it as a valuation, that means that there is a for sale sign on Fonality. Possible buyers in my eyes: 8x8, Voxox and Digium. 8x8 would want them because both target Allstate insurance agencies and Fonality is "Surpassing 2,000 customers in the insurance sector, the company's largest vertical."

Other things from Fonality: "Fonality just announced the latest updates to its Heads Up Display (HUD), which include greater functionality for the company's existing Video Collaboration offering. ...The new features include instant screen share and the ability to schedule and manage recordings,among others, but the best part about Fonality's Video Collaboration is its seamless integration within HUD Web." The company also stated that in 2015 it sold 22,000 new seats.

Last month, a jury awarded GENBAND an $8M judgement against Metaswitch for infringing on 8 patents. This is far from over as Metaswitch is suing GENBAND on patent infringement as well. GENBAND is sitting on the old Nortel patents. Someone explained to me last week that this all started over merger talks that went sideways. Does Metaswitch have $8M in cash to pay a judgement?

There are so many patents out there for VoIP, everyone is likely infringing!

Anyone recall magicjack? Well, they are entering the SMB market next quarter via a subsidiary company. That should be fun to watch.

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