A Word About Your Elevator Pitch

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A Word About Your Elevator Pitch

If I have to ask: Is it like this? You: No.

Is it like that? You: No.

Then you need to work on YOUR pitch some more.


Because it is not my job - or anyone's really - to figure out what you do. It is your job to explain in a crystal clear way so that Grandma understands it.

If you can't do that, well, then you are in trouble. Cuz unless you have the cure for cancer, it will be hard to sell.

Most stuff that is selling - iPhones, cable modems, Viagra - has demand. People want it. People ask for it. Then there is cloud services and thousands of other things that have no consumer demand. These things have to be sold. No order taking. Sold. Sold on benefits.


At a trade show, where the average bear is having 10-15 meetings while looking for honey, the bear doesn't have time to figure out what you do, what you sell. If it isn't clear, NEXT!

If you need help with that, Make an appointment with me.

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