TelePacific Goes National

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TelePacific Goes National

TelePacific announced the acquisition of DSCI yesterday. This move provides many benefits to the service provider.

For one, it gives TPAC a national presence. TPAC's business (and network) is in Cali, Nevada and Texas. DSCI is mainly East Coast, but DSCI's MPLS and Metro Ethernet networks will strengthen TPAC's current network and give it a coast-to-coast reach. The combined company will now have data centers on each coast.

Another benefit is this gives TelePacific its own Broadsoft platform and control over its UC&C product line at a time in the market when flexibility may be required.

It adds Managed IT to TelePacific continuity, cloud and connectivity portfolio. "This acquisition is a significant milestone in TelePacific's successful transformation from a market-leading regional business telecommunications provider to a major player in the rapidly consolidating and evolving managed services universe. With the addition of DSCI, TelePacific will have nearly 50% of its business in the fast-growing managed services segment and a complete set of products, including over-the-top Unified Communications and managed IT services." [PR]

Telecom Ramblings remarks, "It's a foot in the door that isn't all that different from the one they started with in Texas with the Telwest deal, and it suggests further in-depth market development over the next few years. DSCI will be operating as a subsidiary on the east coast under its current brand with its current management team intact."Leaving DSCI as a subsidiary allows for some entrepreneurial ventures within the TPAC organization.

That takes another BSFT player off the board. More of that is in the pipeline.

On another note, Cisco is buying CliQr for $260M to expand its hybrid cloud management solutions.

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