The Channel Has Changed, Have You?

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The Channel Has Changed, Have You?

In 1999, the telecom channel was mainly agents and inter-connects, primarily selling voice. When I went to Orlando for BellSouth product training on Orange Avenue, most agets weren't interested in Frame Relay or ATM or DIA.

Today, it is a hot mix of partners selling a broad spectrum of products. There are still grey haired T1 slingers at the shows, but there are new partners in the mix (which have been labeled "Born in the Cloud").

The Portfolio of the CLEC or business communications provider has changed significantly in just the last 3 to 4 years. If the portfolio has changed, if the product push has changed, have you?

As a channel manager, have you developed any new skills, techniques to go with these new times?

Several channel managers have been received promotions into new organizations. New positions require new skills. What are you reading?

Taking an MBA course today is very different from when I started my MBA at Sacred Heart University in 1989. Today, it is shortened (Executive MBA), specialized and virtual. Big change from four semesters in a classroom setting.

The way we communicate, the way we lead, the way buyers buy and sellers sell (as well as what is bought and sold) has all changed significantly in just a short time span.

My suggestions for channel execs is to read a lot (books and blogs); online classes (like the Personal Branding one by Gary Vee or the Leadership one by Seth Godin on Udemy), and/or coaching. Why coaching? For the external perspective that someone can give you. Look at any athlete - whether it is Ronda Rousey or a tennis player or the NFL Combine - athletes hire or work with different coaches to improve, gain skills, hone techniques and become the best they can be.

It is hard to see all of this while in the grind, in the rut that is daily life. We can barely lift our heads up, but a little improvement here or there would make a vast difference.

Things have changed, have you?

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