The Work-Life Balance

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The Work-Life Balance

It is said that if you love what you do, that is the perfect work-life balance. Unfortunately, not many people love what they do. In fact, very few do.

Buddy: "Robert Scoble leaving Rackspace for UploadVR to explore augmented and virtual reality (story here)."

ME: It was a great job for Scoble. Like a kid with a candy store. I didn't see how Rackspace could keep paying him to just play around with cool tech toys and blog.

Buddy: "Agreed. Even if they could. Not as meaningful as doing something perhaps??"

GapingVoid: "It's not about money or status. These are the three things that make people deeply happy in their work: purpose, autonomy, mastery. Everything else is noise."

Buddy: "Tell that to people's spouses!"

Maybe THAT is the real work-life balance!

Hugh MacLeod blogged that working in tech is a front row seat. Change is speeding up. But this is a great time to be in our sector. So much happening. Some really cool stuff. Some really boring stuff. But it is an adventure.

Maybe you don't have the job you want. Find something about the job you have to embrace. Do it for yourself. Life is short; you should enjoy some of it. Do it for your co-workers. If you find some joy, it is contagious.

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