SD-WAN Coming Soon!

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SD-WAN Coming Soon!

The latest buzzword to hit the industry is SD-WAN. It comes out of the SDN, software defined network. Many carriers have implemented it -- and more are on the way. April is SD-WAN month here on the blog. (No joke!) I have a series of podcasts (short, like 10 minutes) set up to share that will help explain what is SD-WAN;; why should a channel partner care; why should a customer care; who is buying it and why.

If you have seen Aryaka around the trade show circuit, you might have seen that they use a plethora of acronyms to define their service - SD-WAN, WAN Optimization, VPLS and analytics. We will get to the bottom of that in the coming month.

You might also have seen the news about Zayo rolling out FLEXCONNECT, which is dynamic bandwidth powered by SDN. TW Telecom had that prior to the Level3 acquisition. Basically, deliver a 1GB pipe to a customer who is buying 100MB of bandwidth. The customer can turn it up to a full Gig through a customer portal when demand increases. They pay for the extra that they use. Why would they need extra bandwidth on-demand? Product launch, full data backup, server replication, database replication and March Madness viewing from the office!

This is just a small example of how SDN is affecting the WAN.

Other service providers will chime in. I look forward to it. Stay tuned!

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