SD-WAN: the Hype has yet to start

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SD-WAN: the Hype has yet to start

We aren't really at the hype stage of SD-WAN yet, but the potential for this technology is pretty amazing. Right now it is early in the game. Companies are still buying PPC o SD-WAN. So real early.

IDC suggests that SD-WAN will be a $6B sector in 2020. Well, considering it will replace some MPLS networks, overlay some redundancy and failover on other networks, and even provide analytics for SLA monitoring, I'd say that is a good guess.

There aren't even that many good articles yet about SD-WAN. I have collected a couple here:

I would like to see more case studies written in simple terms. An example is this SD-WAN case study by Escessa with partner, Clarus Communications for an airline.

This primer from 2012 on Business Insider is a good read.

Some facts and stats about SD-WAN by Tom HIll on LinkedIn.

SDN is re-defining self-healing networks on Ramblings.

I didn't get to do podcasts with Aryaka, Viptela, Talari or Verizon. Perhaps some of them will join the Blab tomorrow (4/27/16) at Noon Eastern time for a discussion about SD-WAN.


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Hope you enjoyed the month of SD-WAN!

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