Telecom Tidbits (Part 2432)

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| Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO, Inc. talking telecom, Cloud, VoIP, CLEC, and The Channel.

Telecom Tidbits (Part 2432)

VoIP and QoS

Patton started embedding PacketSmart into its SmartNode VoIP CPE. Considering the quality issues on broadband, this is a good move.

Crappy call quality on cell phones lowered the bar enough that VoIP was able to take over on the wireline side. Edgewater Networks says that "VoIP Service Providers Must Focus on Call Quality as VoLTE Emerges". If cell phones get HD Voice - and wireline or HPBX doesn't, people will see less value in moving to an inferior phone system.

Even Vonage Business is working on call quality. "A big differentiator is SmartWAN - real-time packet optimization which is similar to those provided by standalone SD-WAN companies such as CloudGenix....Their cloud-level SmartWAN solution includes a customer premise device (CPE) which allows Vonage to track MOS scores as well as jitter," writes TMC's Rich Techrani.

Speaking of quality, Frontier's take over of Verizon properties has once again been a huge cluster for the customers. Frontier is asking for patience as it enters week three of the transition.

The Channel

7 Predictions for the Channel [PDF] "Accenture says 80% of tech revenue is coming from the indirect channel."

The forecast is for $70 Billion in channel discounts and incentives to be spent in 2016. [source]


"Birch Communications, Inc. has completed the Canada component of its purchase of select assets and customers of Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. and its affiliates, the company said. Primus, Canada┬┤s largest independent, full-service telecommunications and cloud service provider, serves more than 250,000 businesses and consumers throughout Canada." [pr]

Google says that if you want Gigabit Broadband you have to take all the hurdles in dealing with your local government. There are already significant road blocks thrown up by the cable company, the ILEC and the electric company on right of way, access to conduit, access to poles (for aerial fiber). These are barriers to gigabit broadband. So are laws against muni networks.

On Salespeople:

Why are there so few great salespeople? Not everyone wants to work that hard, push that much, make those sacrifices to be the best. It takes a certain set of traits to be really successful - see this article on BI with Tony Robbins. Not everyone wants to work that hard. Their priorities may lie elsewhere.

Also, this goes against the notion that all salespeople are motivated by money. Think about that.

Communication: The Greatest Challenge for Sales and Marketing Alignment

Verizon, which owns AOL, is making a bid for Yahoo.

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