The First Fax Machine

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The First Fax Machine

What did the guy do with the first fax machine? Who did he fax?

He probably told everyone he had one because it was the latest and greatest, a status symbol. That was part of what the fax (and tele-type) was sold as - a status symbol, luxury good, latest gadget.

Let's go back to the first fax. Let's remember that when we talk about fiber, copper, wireless, MPLS, gigabit and other inside telecom terms, no one gives a hoot! No one!

Would you talk about MPLS or the benefits of fiber over dinner? NO!

It is WHAT people do with it.

On the end of the Gigabit fiber broadband circuit is a kid trying to play Xbox with his friends; a mother doing her college homework; a dad trying to find a job or navigate the government website for application forms for assistance.

On the other end of that desk phone, who is it? Why are they talking?

Stop selling products. Sell what they can do with them.

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