PlumUC Pipes in on Skype4B for Partners

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PlumUC Pipes in on Skype4B for Partners

On Microcorp's weekly agent call, the first topic was the Office365 opportunity for channel partners. (One slide from that call shows the size of the opportunity is on twitter.)

I wasn't aware of how many vendors were pushing Office365. These include Level3, Sprint, Arkadin, CallTower, TelePacific, Velis4, BitTitan, Rackspace, Tierpoint, CenturyLink, Evolve IP, NeoNova, even GoDaddy. Partners might want to just ask their favorite vendor about it.

In just 15 minutes on this podcast, expert Greg Plum of PlumUC gives us a good look at Skype for Business and why partners should examine it for their portfolio.


If you have iOS or just can't see the flash podcast player, you can either listen on Soundcloud or download the mp3.

If you want to hear more from Greg Plum on the Skype for Business opportunity, he did a podcast with Velis4's VP Guy Yasika on soundcloud.

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