Are You Busy or Productive?

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Are You Busy or Productive?

Everyone is busy. Super busy. So busy. But are you productive?

Are you stepping closer to your goals? Or just running in place like on a treadmill?

Are you working TOWARDS your goals? (Do you even have goals to work towards? Too many replace Quota with Goal.)

Are the activities you are spending your time on Revenue Generating? Or Strategic?

Is it Urgent or Important?

Can it be delegated? (For Freelancers and Agents, Virtual Assistants are fantastic!)

Start thinking about what you are trading that time for? Was it worth it? If we charged ourselves our hourly rate for the way we spend time, we would change our habits.

From my favorite blogger: "No one complains of having spent an entire day doing 'productive work'. Busywork, on the other hand, is mind-numbing. Business means producing things of actual value. There are 2 kinds of busy: see here.

Pareto's Principle goes further than we thought.


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