Skype is Taking Share

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Skype is Taking Share

Microsoft beat Salesforce in the enterprise SaaS market in Q2, according to Synergy Research Group. "Microsoft was only number two with 7.9% market share of the global enterprise Software-as-a-Service industry in H1 2015." Now in "Q2 2016 resulted in Microsoft taking 15% of the enterprise SaaS market, beating Salesforce's 14% share."

NoJitter did a reader survey about Skype4B. Gary Kim has the break down HERE. "Of the 224 respondents that say they are using Skype for Business on-premises, 33 percent said they are using Enterprise Voice as a PBX replacement."

Office365 is taking the business market by storm - and S4B comes with it. How many will use it for a full PBX replacement? No one knows yet.

If they release a version of Sharepoint that resembles Slack, that penetration could go up. We will be back in the days of a Microsoft monopoly, which if you remember correctly sucked.

This includes ALL Microsoft packages, including Win10. Salesforce had 2016 Full Year Revenue of $6.67 Billion, up 24% Year-Over-Year. In fiscal 4Q16, Microsoft's cloud offerings - Microsoft's core cloud offerings: Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and Azure - grew to reach an annualized revenue run rate of $12.1 billion.

SRG's survey begs the question where are the competitors? Google for one is not on the list. There are a number of UC&C providers - and none of them made the list. It is all the big names in enterprise software - IBM, Oracle, SAP, Citrix, Adobe, Workday and NetSuite.

"As long as Microsoft can offer $5/month SharePoint and $8.25/month (per business user) Office 365 subscriptions, Microsoft will continue its dominance in the fast-growing online Collaboration software segment." And when I read that sentence, I realize why agents are selling SAAS. At $13.25 and 10 points, it is $1.32 per user per month - even with 100 users it is $132 per month. Yet you have to project manage a migration that is challenging even for the experts. Too much to go wrong for too little pay out. And if that is supplanting your data backup or even your conferencing revenue, why?

That is the dilemma facing cloud: the giants own the market; the channel can't wrap a business model around it yet; and the giants will take more of the pie.

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