Your Webinar Sucks!

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Your Webinar Sucks!

As an agent I get invited to too many webinars, training, lunch-n-learns and events. Here is where you go wrong:

Vendors try to puke every ounce of information at me in 40 minutes! UGH!!!

Look at it from this view:

  • What makes a TED Talk great?*
  • What is popular on radio? Howard Stern, Sports talk radio, Rush
  • What makes podcasts work? Interviews, banter, tips and tricks
  • What makes YouTube work? Gary Vee!

What doesn't work? You puking your entire catalog and every fact and figure at me.

Have you taken an online course or a college course recently? They teach one chapter of a book per week in college according to my adjunct professor friends. One chapter per week. Not the whole book in 45 minutes!

The key is to pick one nugget, one take away and present it clearly and concisely. Be Interesting, so that people become Interested.

You know what we want to know?

  • How do we make money from this one product you are pushing (this quarter)?
  • Who is buying?
  • Why are they buying it?
  • Why are they buying it from YOU?

* If you don't know what a TED Talk is, stop presenting!

Also, Practice. Don't wing it.

Present from a quiet place like an office, not the airport, your car, or live from Starbucks.

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