Who is Your Target Audience?

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Who is Your Target Audience?

If you answered everyone, you are wrong.

If you answered 1-1000 employee companies, you are misguided.


I had a panel last ITEXPO of sales vice presidents of PBX companies. They blamed all deployment problems on the sales team. Every deployment that went poorly did so because it was sold wrong.

So I ask them who the target is. Once answers 250+ employees. My follow up: If you had a deal for 150 employees would you take it? He said Of course.

The problem isn't the sales team. The problem is the management.

They think ANY sale is a good sale due to revenue, even when the sale is underwater!

If you can't properly serve the customer to their satisfaction, what kind of company are you running? Per Drucker, you have one job: get and retain customers. But to do that you have to know who the best customer is for you. Who benefits the most from your services? (It is NOT everyone!)

In software we call it product-market fit.

If the client doesn't have need or budget or benefit, why would you shoe-horn in your service just for revenue? Especially when the cost of that sale AND subsequent deployment and support costs are going to sink your company numbers?

Spending 80 hours of tech time to deploy and fix and sooth the customer for a UCaaS sale is not profitable. It undermines confidence in the partner, the company and the service. It can't feel good for your own employees who have to get out the duct tape.

The fastest way to sell and be profitable: Know exactly who buys, why and how they benefit. In a world of me-too products, the ones that are specific WIN.

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