Stats on Mobile as It Eats the World

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Stats on Mobile as It Eats the World

Yesterday I put up some stats in emerging tech. Today I have a bunch more.

There are 2.5 billion smartphones on the planet now, according to Ben Evans.

"China now has 656 million internet users. Brazil trails only the US in total Facebook, Twitter and YouTube users, and the country has more mobile devices than human inhabitants." [TCrunch]

Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are 3x the scale of WinTel. Not just giants in tech, but giants in the economy as well. More so than IBM or WinTel. [mobile is eating the world]

Machine learning and AI are getting exponentially better each year.

Facebook has between 15-20% of mobile time. And smartphone apps are 60% of all time spent online in USA.

With Amazon Alexa and Google Home (and other voice activated search), what does that do to your SEO or PPC campaigns?! POOF!

There are "nearly 3.8 billion internet users worldwide, almost 2.8 billion are active on social media." The most popular social networks "as of January 2017, based on global traffic figures for unique monthly visitors, shows: Facebook (with 1.1 billion), YouTube (with 1 billion), Twitter (with 310 million), LinkedIn (with 255 million), Pinterest (with 250 million) and Google+ (with 120 million)." [channel partners]

"Cisco and DHL, the world's largest logistics provider, estimated last year that $1.9 trillion dollars of economic value could be created by the use of IoT devices and asset tracking solutions in the global supply chain and logistics sector." [business insider]

NOAA has a new satellite "GOES-16 has four times the image resolution of the existing Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) fleet." See images here.


That said, people who blame increased connectivity for widening ideological divides misunderstand what's going on. The world is not getting worse, nor are our divisions deepening. We've always had these problems - it's just that connectivity is bringing them to light. Racism, xenophobia, bigotry and sexism have always been there, it's just that we can see them more clearly now. This unprecedented, radical form of transparency feels scary and dark, because it forces us to look long and hard into the corners. But that's also why connectivity is so important. Billions of people are starting to speak out, and that means we are no longer able to claim ignorance, and filter out the terrible things that have happened on the watch of good people in the past. Welcome to the world as it really is, and not the way the gatekeepers used to tell us it was. It's about time. [Future Crunch 30]

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