Sales is Hard

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Sales is Hard

A few sales reminders from sales training I performed yesterday.

It is all about the Daily Activity. Your routines and habits determine your level of success. Tom Peters says, "Show me your calendar. I'll show you your priorities.

Sales Math is real. It takes X number of calls and Y number of emails plus Z number of other types of contacts (trade show, LinkedIn, lists) to fill a partner funnel. It takes Creative follow up to turn that into sales activity for channel managers. It takes J number of quotes to get K number of closed deals. Figure out those numbers and either increase traffic or increase conversion.

Sales is Helping. Period.

Most salespeople know what they have to do to be successful. Most won't put in that much effort. Sure sales is hard, but that's what you signed up for.

Sales Reluctance is real. Sales involves lots of rejection and losses. It is a huge bummer. Realize all of that is not them rejecting you. That fear of rejection is why people don't like to cold call.

Reminder from GapingVoid.

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