Is This the Way to Get Attention?

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Is This the Way to Get Attention?

If you want to get a partners attention, want to know some of the best ways to do that?

  • Spam them
  • Don't use BCC. Show all the emails of everyone on the invite!*
  • Invite them to events that are thousands of miles away - in another state.
  • Be lazy.

You got my attention. I already had one go around with Convey and LSI over this.

Convey Services is SAAS company that runs a portal for master agencies. LSI and ByteGrid hired Convey to handle their portals and an event. Convey did a poor job on the details of this. The email came from them, not LSI or ByteGrid. The email didn't explain clearly anything actually.

Convey tracks agent usage of the portal. Where they go, what they look at. I figured they scraped my email from that. Convey says it was provided by LSI, who got it from a LinkedIn connection with one of their executives.

Everything about these 4 or 5 emails has been the showcase for the Lazy Marketer. Quick, Dirty and Hurried.

It was a blast email, but the emails were CC'ed instead of BCC'ed. (So I will likely get even more spam.) If you can't Blind CC, do I really think you can handle Compliance issues?

For your own education, HIPAA is not HIPPA. This does not exude confidence.

I asked to be removed from the email twice - both to Convey and LSI. No idea how ByteGrid got it. I have never done business with any of these companies.

Also, it takes one minute to look at my website or my twitter or my LinkedIn profile to know that I reside in Tampa Florida. Why do I get invited to so many events in Atlanta and Miami? One is a 7 hour drive and the other is 4 hours. From companies I have no relationship with?

If you aren't careful with my email, why I would I trust you with my client?

I know you think I made a mountain out of a molehill, but I get tired of the pile of email I get that is this or even more irrelevant.

I understand you want to get the word out. It's a fun event. Let's Blast it out! NO!!! STOP!

It's like when a Channel Manager from a carrier I quoted but never sold, does the musical chairs to another company and pings me from there. I shake my head.

3 Things:

  1. Seth Godin wrote Permission Marketing in 1999. It's 256 pages but the gist of it can be read here.
  2. Trust is huge component of sales. If I don't trust you, I will never buy from you.
  3. Marketing is Everything, every touch of the prospect/customer/marketplace.

Don't Be Lazy.

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