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Civilian-centric journalism is now on the rise via blogs and now video blogs. The need for a mixed IP video recording tool would certainly be handy for those interested in remotely interviewing 1 or more participants where the video could be uploaded to their blog. Here is an IP videoconference clip of Bruce Gray in Xten's Business Development department and myself. Recorded using a new build of eyeBeam soon to be available from Xten. Click on the image to start the video. The new mixed video recording feature uses Voice Activity Detection or VAD to switch the focus between participants. This method allows us to use less space [1 screen instead of many for multiple participant calls] The quality is pretty good but the voice and video in the original recording, before being converted to MP4, is much better. When the production version of this software hits the street it will certainly be much closer to production quality. The interesting thing here is the combination of real-time communications and Video Blogging. Users could be on a VoIP call or conference call using eyeBeam & Vonage, Yak etc. 1 minute and the next be in a video interview. Both can blogged but I believe video is much more compelling. It's much closer to what us humans have become accustomed to -> TV. While we are polishing up this feature for a future release of eyeBeam I will be posting some video interviews with some key people in VoIP, Video Blogging, IM and some key individuals involved in IETF standards regarding the same. These next 6 months are going be funsmile

Here is a beta build of the ineen client for windows that supports the Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard [not just for Skype anymore]. A cool little device that combines a traditional telephone with the ineen softphone.

- Telio AS has recently licensed Xten softphone technology for bundling with the Telio VoIP and Video Service currently being offered in Norway, The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden SANTA CLARA, CA, April 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Xten Networks, Inc. (OTCBB: XNWK - News), a provider of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Video over IP, Instant Messaging (IM), and Presence SIP softphones, today announced that Telio AS has licensed Xten's eyeBeam Software Development Kit (SDK) which Telio will use to build their own VoIP and Video softphone for use within their market-leading and fastest-growing access-independent Broadband Telephony network in Europe.

Cisco Systems is purchasing a consumer Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology provider for its Linksys division, the company said today. "The acquisition of Sipura will augment Linksys' leading position in the rapidly growing VoIP market and is an example of Linksys' strategy to increase internal R&D capabilities in specific product categories," Charles Giancarlo, Cisco CTO and Cisco-Linksys president, said in a statement. "Adding Sipura's technology reinforces our commitment to developing products in the consumer voice space." more...

Looks like Telmex is making is very difficult for anyone to roll out VoIP service over their data network. Broadband customers of Mexico's dominant telephone operator say the quality of their voice over Internet Protocol calls has tanked, with some alleging that Telmex is engaging in unfair business practices to block VoIP competition. more...

Linux version of Xten software

April 22, 2005 3:58 PM | 0 Comments

I have had some users ask when the Linux version of Xten's software will be released. We expect Linux will be released in 2-3 weeks. ineen will also receive linux. This first version will be audio only. Video and IM will follow. Have a great weekend!

Erik Lagerway

April 22, 2005 10:23 AM

COO, Eyeball Networks www.eyeball.com Erik's history in VOIP and IP Communications goes back more than 10 years. More recently, as the President, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Xten Networks, Inc., the world's leading supplier of SIP softphones and toolkits. At Xten he was responsible for conceptualizing the features and functionality for Xten products and identifying the best market opportunities. Erik designed the softphone products and go-to-market strategies. He was instrumental in growing Xten from 3 to 40+ people and bringing the company from conception/zero revenue to more than 3 Million in sales on award-winning product in less than 2 years. Xten customers acquired during Erik's stay include Yahoo!, Vonage, Deutsche Telekom and 55+ carriers, OEMs, and Portals. Erik's understanding of the VoIP industry and his ability to uncover opportunities in the market provided Xten with the perceived lead in the industry for SIP softphones and contributed greatly to Xten winning 6 industry awards. Before Xten Erik was the CEO and founder of Vocalscape Communications Inc., a Canadian VoIP and eCRM start-up featured in the Globe and Mail. Vocalscape went from 3 people in Erik's basement to 30 people in 2 years winning several technology awards and obtaining many technology research grants from the Canadian government. In the beginning, more than 10 years ago, Erik had a VoIP consulting company which specialized in assisting new era telcos and calling card operators with their VoIP strategy. Contact Erik Lagerway via email.

I rarely use a real telephone anymore, it's either my mobile device when I am on the road or my softphone when I am at work or home. It would be great if I could record video conferences via my softphone so when I have an interview with my remote collegues [PR contacts, executives on the road etc.] I can post it to my internal corporate blog for the appropriate personelle to review at their own schedule. It's comingsmile

P2P getting the boot?

April 20, 2005 4:27 PM | 1 Comment

Skype's creators, born from Kazzaa, may want to take heed... A Finnish company called Viralg is emerging with claims to have a high-powered new way of stopping unauthorized file trading on peer-to-peer networks. The company, which took the top prize at a recent Finnish emerging-technology competition, says it has been working with BMG Finland to protect local music releases on file-swapping networks for more than a year. more...

Microsoft said the mobile version of its recently upgraded instant messaging program for businesses, called Microsoft Office Communicator, will be available in the second half of 2005. The software can track whether users are online and allow them to swap text messages between phones or between a cellphone and a PC. more...

According to News.com, TiVo is in talks with Internet search giants Google and Yahoo! over a possible deal aimed at bridging television and the Web, CNET News.com has learned. With Google's recent press around Video Blogging and Yahoo!'s Video search now in beta, Tivo seems like a natural fit. This is good news for video blogging as well. more...

Adobe buys Macromedia = VoIP?

April 18, 2005 11:14 AM | 0 Comments

Wow, this could be huge for the IP communications industry. Adobe has announced they have agreed to acquire Macromedia for approximately $3.4 Billion. Macromedia has strength in collaboration and obivously has mass adoption with millions using their Flash technology. Now all they need is a good SIP SDK so they can deliver complete VoIP and Video conferencing using open standards. The Bloomberg report and Adobe merger conference call: Click Here I will create an MP3/podcast for this call. It should be up later today.

Telesym throws in the towel

April 16, 2005 2:42 AM | 0 Comments

The company was most well known for it's proprietary Pocket PC VoIP application that spoke to Intel-based PBXs laid off 40 people on April the 15th. Bob Hart the CEO announced they would try and sell the assets and return what monies they could to their investors. Excerpt from Seattle Times... "The underlying technology just wasn't up to the task," Hart said. "It 'demos' well, but in a full-scale deployment, it doesn't hold up." Another proprietary offering bites the dust while open standards gains momentum. more...

ineen now has a Pocket PC version and some bugs were fixed in the windows client. Some early reviews on ineen.. Robin good Om Malik Digital Lifestyles

Click on the image below and wait a few seconds. SIPthat Video News by Erik Lagerway

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