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Google, Blackberry and Skype News

Two things worth noting this morning have to do with mobility and video. First off, Google Calendar now syncs with Blackberrys. This is big news, allowing corporations to slowly wean themselves off of Microsoft software if they so choose. As...

Will RIM Make your Next PBX?

In July of 2004 Avaya and Motorola explained to me how their new FMC partnership would be great for business users. They even launched a new phone called the CN620 in fact. I haven’t heard much about the initiative between...

James Seng on RIM

James Seng comments on the goings on at RIM and how a simple patent issue could have gone away a long time ago. Apparently Research in Motion co-founder, President and CEO Mike Lazaridis just doesn't like to compromise. Now the...

Blackberry Up To Their Neck

Yes indeed Blackberry is up to their neck in, well you know. Their service is in jeopardy of being shut down in the US but few analysts think this will happen. They could be forced to spend a billion dollars...
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