Cyara Enhances AI and Assurance Services in the CX Space

Cyara, an award-winning company specializing in customer experience (CX) assurance, is making significant strides in enhancing its AI capabilities and assurance services. Rishi Rana (left), President of Cyara, and Janet Vito (right), SVP of Marketing, shared insights into the company’s growth trajectory and innovation, particularly highlighting recent acquisitions such as Botium and Spearline, which have bolstered their assurance platform with advanced analytics.

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Key Developments and Future Direction

Integrating AI into its platform, particularly through the acquisition of Botium, has enabled Cyara to enhance the conversational AI aspect of its services. Additionally, the company has introduced a beta version of a new feature, Fact Checker, which verifies the accuracy of information provided by AI systems in customer interactions. This tool aims to identify and correct inaccuracies, ensuring reliable customer service. This is extremely important because current generative AI solutions can sometimes have hallucinations – meaning they might cite a non-existent court case or company policy. In a British Columbia Tribunal, it was ruled Air Canada was liable for such a hallucination regarding a promised discount which conflicted with the policy the chatbot linked to. Air Canada argued the chatbot was a separate legal entity and Tribunal disagreed. Whether global courts will come to the same conclusion is unknown but it is best to be prepared for this potential eventuality.

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Assurance in a Shifting Market

The discussion also touched on the ongoing shift in the customer service industry from human agents to AI bots. Cyara’s platform assures the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated responses, increasingly critical as more organizations adopt AI solutions for customer interactions.

Global Reach and Regulatory Compliance

Another significant development is the launch of Number Trust, a service that ensures outbound calls from companies do not appear as spam to recipients. This service supports compliance with various global regulations and improves customer engagement by ensuring communications are received as intended.

Strategic Growth and Market Position

Cyara is actively pursuing growth in the Fortune 2000 segment, emphasizing the critical need for robust assurance systems in large enterprises. The company’s strategy includes educating potential clients about the importance of AI assurance in customer experience platforms, ensuring that businesses understand the risks and solutions associated with AI in customer interactions.


As Cyara continues to expand its services and reach, the emphasis remains on providing tools that ensure the integrity and reliability of customer communications. Through innovative solutions like Fact Checker and Number Trust, Cyara is set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of customer experience management, ensuring that businesses can trust their AI systems to deliver accurate and compliant interactions.

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