MiaRec Demos AI-Powered Quality Assurance Tools for Contact Centers

MiaRec, known for its innovations in contact center technology, recently showcased enhancements to its AI-based analytics and quality assurance tools. The company has been very active – launching new products and relationships, regularly. In August, 2022, my colleague, Tracey Schelmetic wrote about how the company’s solutions are available on the Five9 CX marketplace. In 2023, colleague Stefania Viscusi wrote about MiaRec’s AI-driven call summary feature. Most recently, – last year, Stefania wrote about the company’s generative AI improvements via conversational AI.

During an in-depth presentation, Gennadiy Bezko (left) and John Ortiz (right) from MiaRec demonstrated how their new AI capabilities could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of quality assurance in contact centers.

Enhancing Quality Assurance with AI

MiaRec’s latest developments focus on leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline the quality assurance process in contact centers. “We provide our QA agent evaluation performance using AI,” Gennadiy Bezko explained, highlighting the shift from manual evaluations to automated systems. The platform enables users to create customizable scorecards which are essential for evaluating agent performance.

Automated Evaluations and Accuracy

John Ortiz detailed how the AI evaluates interactions by referencing the scorecards. “Once you build your scorecard, you can start using that to run against all your calls and score them automatically,” Ortiz said. He noted the precision of the generative AI, which comprehends the context of conversations, ensuring accurate assessments and providing justifications for each score.

Data Aggregation and Trend Analysis

The MiaRec platform includes a QA dashboard that aggregates evaluation data and displays trends over time. “You can see the average score at the contact center, and drill down into specific areas to identify where agents might need more training,” Ortiz demonstrated. This functionality is crucial for management to target training resources effectively.

Flexible AI Configurations

Flexibility remains a cornerstone of MiaRec’s solution, allowing customization according to specific business needs. “Our product adjusts to customer needs,” Bezko stated. This adaptability enables clients to specify which insights are most relevant to their operations, from tracking frequently asked questions to assessing product availability and customer sentiment.

Future AI Enhancements

MiaRec is also enhancing its AI tools to include more comprehensive coaching capabilities. “We are working on integrating coaching elements where AI can recommend resources and knowledge bases for training sessions based on identified needs,” Bezko mentioned. This future capability aims to not only evaluate but also assist in improving agent performance through targeted coaching suggestions.

Security and Data Privacy

Addressing potential concerns about data security, Bezko assured that MiaRec’s systems are hosted in a secure cloud environment. “Currently, we use OpenAI models, but we are looking to develop our own language model to better meet our specific needs and enhance security,” he explained. This move is part of MiaRec’s ongoing efforts to provide secure and customized solutions to its clients.


MiaRec’s enhancements to its AI-powered tools are designed to improve the operational efficiency of contact centers by automating quality assurance processes. With the incorporation of AI, MiaRec helps streamline the evaluation process, provides actionable insights through advanced analytics, and plans further advancements in AI-driven coaching and security features. As these technologies evolve, MiaRec aims to continue supporting contact centers in managing and improving their customer interactions effectively.

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