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Are Tablets the Next Big Opportunity?

Will IP communications get a massive shot in the arm via a wave of new tablet computers? If you are an IP communications company you have to be salivating at the opportunity afforded by Moore's Law. Moreover when a new...

Skypeoke Discussion at ITEXPO West 2008

When you have a conversation with Carl Ford (left in photo) you aren't surprised when karaoke comes up in conversation. Of course when you add Phil Wolff (on right) the author of the Skype Journal blog, you probably shouldn't be...

iPhone: More Walled Gardens

Phil Wolff does a great job discussing why the iPhone's lack of background processing is bad. Bad for p2p apps, bad for users, bad for developer and everyone but Apple. Frankly I haven't spent time analyzing how the iPhone...

VoIP-News Top Blogs

Thanks to VoIP-News who were nice enough to name me to their Top 25 VoIP Blogs of 2007. Here is what they had to say: VoIP Blog - Rich Tehrani is president of TMCnet. Tehrani's blog is for...

Skype P2P Problems

By now it seems the whole world is aware Skype had major problems last week. For most people, Skype was down. Tom Keating speculated the cause was a Microsoft patch which rebooted massive numbers of machines. He has a point...

Skype Journal on ITEXPO

Phil Wolf over at Skype Journal proudly tells me his blog is for suits and geeks and while I may not have recalled the two in the exact order and perhaps my memory is not as photographic as I would...
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