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CBX 2008 Video Interviews

Some months back I was invited to be the video reporter at the Telx CBX event which took place in Brooklyn, NY. You have likely already read my CBX blog posts but I neglected to post the video interviews themselves....

Off to the Voice Peering Forum New York

Tomorrow I am off to the Voice Peering Forum Winter 2007 hosted by Stealth Communications. Shrihari Pandit the VPF Founder asked me to help with some video reporting which is always very exciting. If you know Hunter Newby from Telx,...

Voice Peering Channel

If you have interest in learning about voice peering – and who doesn’t? You want to bookmark the Voice Peering channel on TMCnet to stay up to date on the latest information on the space.   A few articles of...

VoIP Peering Keynote in Miami

Join me in Miami for my keynote at the Voice Peering Forum. I declared 2006 as the year of VoIP peering and I think I was spot on. Come to this forum and find out where the world of VoIP...

CableLabs VoIP Peering RFI

I expect the entire cable industry to adopt VoIP peering soon. Take a look at this VoIP Peering RFI from CableLabs. I imagine that I could be right on with my prediction of 2006 being the year of VoIP peering....
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