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Google's Very Cool TTS Service

Search leader seemingly giving everything away for free now offers cloud-based text-to-speech as well In what has to be one of the most interesting "simple" services, Google translate allows you to send the company a simple text string and have...

Nuance Dragon Dictation for iPhone Launched

The free program for Apple's iPhone is dead easy to use and the accuracy is OK as you can see from this blog entry below. Interestingly I said it worked quite well below but as you can see it need...

Verizon Rolls Out IP-Based Hosted Speech

Verizon recently rolled out IP-based speech recognition and in a conversation with company representatives Alla Reznik and Tom Smith who represent the speech services and IP communications areas for the company, I had a chance to hear about how the...

Spam, Microsoft Search, American Airlines WiFi and More

I have so much to write about today that I just don't have the time for separate blog entries so if you excuse me, here is a list of unrelated but important topics.Spam ArrestI get too much spam. I get...

Voiceless Conversations

The above video shows an example of how Audeo from Ambient Corporation allows you to communicate by moving your mouth while not producing any sound Just when you thought you needed to use your voice to speak, along comes...
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